Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Course layout is 99% there!

We've done some good thinking on the course and ridden it a couple of times.  It's going to be a reasonably long, paved, slightly uphill start, with a sweeping turn into the grass.  The course is relatively smooth, and there should be a little bit of mud, two sets of regulation height barriers (one double on flat ground, one triple and uphill?), a little off-camber stuff, and a boatload of sharp corners.  It will be a good mix of high speed, low speed, cornering skills, and mud skills, with a lot of opportunity to sprint from corner to corner if your legs are so inclined.  The course will be regulation width except in two small spots where the course tightens up just a little bit.  Course length should be right around 1.7miles/2.8k.

We're going to have coffee from Dose, and we've got some good prizes rolling in.  Most importantly, we're sharing the points weekend with Cross the Way, so come on out BOTH DAYS and grab a pantload of cyclocross action!

See you there!


  1. No, I'm afraid camping is not an option. We'll work on that for next year, though. It would definitely be a fun place to stay overnight.