Monday, October 17, 2011


We're getting oh so close to the big race day.  We've got some good schwag lined up and the venue is going to be great.  Brian Gant and the Cross The Way crew are going to be holding their race Sunday, so come out and race both days.  Both days are TBRA points races, so why not?  This is probably going to be the easiest parking and registration you'll get this season (if it's NOT, let us know and we'll do better next year!!!).

One very important note to race participants:  The fine folks at Fontanel have been very generous in letting us use their property, and they are going to provide beer and food (burgers, dogs, etc) sales on site.  So please, please try to refrain from bringing your own beverages and bring a few extra bucks to buy food on site.  That would be a great show of thanks to these guys for letting us use their venue.

Parking: you will want to enter the venue on the North side of the complex.  There is a tree-lined allee (that's your word of the day!) and a narrow entrance drive.  Enter at the Farmhouse Restaurant and follow the signs back to the parking area.  You will drive around and behind the Farmhouse Restaurant and follow the gravel road.  DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGE OVER THE CREEK.  Parking will be on the road side of the creek ONLY.  Please do not park at the Farmhouse Restaurant.

We just picked up the prizes from Worm's Way.  They have been very generous in giving us a whole bunch of cool stuff to make your garden grow.  If you don't have a garden, now is a good time to start planning it, because everybody is getting something!

That's it for now.   One more post in a day or two, then we're racing.  See you there!

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